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Member - Canadian Health Food Association
Our products were tested and approved by the Canadian Standards Association   

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Himalayan Salt Lamps & Salt Crystal Products

GSC (GAMMA Salt Cristals Ltd.) takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality of HIMALAYAN Salt products since 1999. GAMMA Salt Cristals (GSC) is the only North American company who has its own manufacturing facility in Pakistan. GSC has strict quality control procedures set to satisfy our esteemed clients like Home Goods. Rest assured that our products are produced by observing Child Labor Laws. We never hire under age employees.

Our manufacturing facility:
GI (GAMA International) is located in Lahore, Pakistan.

Sales and marketing office:
GSC (GAMMA Salt Cristals Ltd.) is registered in Toronto, Canada. It is our head office.

Membership and Certificates
GSC is a member of CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association)
GSC is listed and approved by CSA (Canadian Standards Association)
GSC is listed and approved by UL (Underwriters Laboratories)
GSC is certified by Kosher NFC (Kosher Natural Food Certifier)
GSC and GI are registered companies with FDA.


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